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Data Protection Policy

Little Boo Sleep will need to collect information on your child/family before we start and whilst we work together.This document is to tell you what sort of information we will collect and how it will be stored.


Why do we need information?

  • Information given will help us to decide how best to help you child and you family.

  • Any information gathered will be information that will be relevant to the work being undertaken with your child and to help me to understand your child better.


What information will be gathered?

  • When working with your child Little Boo Sleep will request a sleep questionnaire and a sleep diary.

  • During the course of work with your family and child, handwritten notes may be taken for my reference.


How will information be used?

  • Information will be used to help us understand the situation better and allow me to be able to fully support you and your child.

  • The law allows us to share your personal information in some circumstances, provided it has been anonymised. For example, we might discuss the work we have done with your child with other professionals in order to gain advice nd to check that we are drawing reasonable conclusions and making sound decisions. This is called supervision and it is common for professionals in health, care and education roles to ask for advice from their colleagues in this way. If we do discuss the work we have done in supervision we will not pass on personal information that would allow another professional to identify your child. We may sometimes discuss children we have worked with during training in order to help develop professional understanding. In these circumstances we would ensure that the child and the child’s family could not be identified from any information given.

  • I have a duty of care towards the children and adults I work with and I would have to disregard any promises of confidentiality made to them or their parents/carers if I thought a child, young person or adult was in any kind of danger and would be harmed, or cause harm, if we didn't disclose some information about them or intervene in some way. Under these circumstances the need to keep someone safe from harm overrides the duty to keep information about them confidential. 


How will information be stored?

  • Paper consent forms will be stored in a locked filing cabinet.

  • Handwritten notes will be stored in a locked filing cabinet.

  • Sleep diaries and questionnaires will be stored on an encrypted device such as a memory stick, harddrive, laptop, mobile phone.

  • Memory sticks and encrypted devices will be stored in a locked box in a locked cabinet.

  • Information stored on these devices will be stored for 2 years and then deleted.

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