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Family Feedback

Cannot recommend enough! After having 2 great sleeps my third was a nightmare. Little boos provided sleep diaries for us to fill in and then we had a consultation where we picked a plan that suited us. 3 days in and we have a full nights sleep. If you’re struggling with a little ones sleep then use this company!

Reuben's Mummy

Boo has changed our lives! Our 2 year old son was waking numerous times throughout the night as well as super early every morning. It was so nice to talk to Boo who offered a very honest and realistic approach to sleep training. She helped us to implement a plan and a routine that worked for us and our lives with 2 other children, was a constant support, and helped us to feel confident throughout the process. Our son is now sleeping through the night and we are all so much more rested and happier for it. Highly recommended!

Hector's Mummy

Our daughter finally sleeps!!!! THE WHOLE NIGHT! We are so thankful, our daughter had not slept through the night since she was born and had been getting worse, waking 5 times a night. We were exhausted, emotional and ill. She now goes to bed happily and sleeps through until 8am! I cant recommend littleboosleep enough! Thank you xx

Hattie's Mummy

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