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Sleepy Baby


Have you got a little sleep thief? Is your little darling refusing to nap or sleep for any period of time?

Help is here! 

As a passionate and certified Sleep Consultant, I understand that the best way to address each child’s need is to identify the cause of the issue. I will evaluate your child’s sleep pattern alongside any concerns you may have and together develop a gentle plan to help them (and you) sleep more soundly. 

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Sleeping Baby


Expert Advice

We know how important sleep is for adults and it’s just as important for baby's and children. My methods enable your child to build healthy sleep habits so that they become a confident and happy sleeper! 
I have many methods which I adapt to each child and family making each sure each family have a bespoke service. It’s a very personalised approach and we will work together to find what works for you and your little one. 
As your babie's certified Sleep Consultant, I aim to identify any concerns you have alongside your babies needs to create a customised sleep schedule. You’ll have support from me to trouble shoot and or just reassure you to keep going! 
I aim to leave my families happier, more settled and with a stronger bond between parent and baby. 

Mother and Baby

My daughter had a feed to sleep association and was waking hourly, it had to change. We had already worked with another sleep consultant and were left disappointed. Working with Boo was so easy, and she looked at other factors that were affecting Margot’s sleep patterns too. She gave us a plan we could stick to that enabled us to feel like we werent abandoning Margot, that put boundaries in place allowing us all to help her get the better sleep she needed (and us too!). Brilliant, empathetic service that has helped the whole family.

Mummy to 8 month old Margot

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